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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The farang forum farce - an anal gas production

If it comes from the anus and smells like shit, it's either shit or a fart, which brings me to a blog I read recently. The content is very similar to that on a forum in Korat whose members, including the admin, like to write rubbish. It seems their creativity for writing rubbish knows no bounds. They make many claims about another forum and its admin but they never back them up with facts. 

The admin of the blog I recently read made a few typical "fart" type comments.Let's look at his main points. 

1. is identical to is not and never has been IDENTICAL to Perhaps the accuser would like to prove otherwise.

2. forum only has "fictitious" members and no real people as all the 'real people' who joined have been banned. 
That sums up the absurdity of the man. If it was written by the admin of the anal gas forum. I think it's just jealousy as his forum only has a few posters despite having a similar number of members to forum. For now the writer is anonymous. Strange coming from someone who wrote: 
By now its main purpose is to curtail the moves of a somebody attempting to spread out on the web without even admitting to his person. Anonymous websitebuilding? What a strange endeavour! 
Hypocrisy? You bet! 

In his own words:

The farang forum farce was the first local forum in Nakhonratchasima. It lasted five years before its admin realized that running a forum isn't a piece of cake.

Funnily or better sadly another guy thought he could cash in on the name and registered the domain with a hyphen. He opened an identical forum. And when there were no real members he just made some up. OK, I'm told that is a fairly legitimate way of starting a forum: have a few fictitious members post first and attract attention.

Problem in that case turned out, that the real people who signed up were soon all banned; the admin filled their positions with more and more fictitious members. Well, on the vast internet this might not turn out a problem; other real members could come. But with a local forum, the thing is a little different: There might not be any new people to sign up anymore after a while of banning. And then the farce with the fictitious members might turn more than just ridiculous.

Will be continued...

Welcome to the newest blog about farangs in korat

Welcome to the newest blog about farangs in Korat

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